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Innovative, Cost-effective Legal Solutions

Since 1976, the established and respected law firm of what is now known as the Mander Law Group has provided quality advice and innovative, cost-effective legal solutions to individuals and businesses in Pasco County, the Tampa Bay area, and all of Central Florida.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys—We Prepare to Win!

Our criminal defense attorneys represent those who have been charged with a criminal offense and those who have not been charged, but may be the subject of a criminal investigation.

Our criminal defense attorneys have extensive and diversified experience in the criminal justice system. This experience has been garnered by Chip Mander (Board Certified in Criminal Defense with over 300 jury trials), Khara Alvero (a former prosecutor), and Thomas Cusimano.

Our attorneys believe extensive preparation is required to reach successful outcomes in cases. We have the will to win and the will to prepare to win. Every case is just as important to us as it is to our client.

Personal Injury Trial Attorneys Fighting and Recovering for You

Our personal injury attorneys represent victims throughout the State of Florida. We provide aggressive and tenacious representation to those who have been injured due to the fault of another.

Our attorneys and staff perform the services required to recover maximum compensation for victims of car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents and other personal injury accidents.

Personal injury and wrongful death lawyers Chip Mander and Misty Morgan Vianna will take your case to trial if a settlement you approve is not reached. We prepare every case believing it is going to trial. Our seasoned paralegals, legal researchers, and investigators assist our attorneys in investigating and preparing every case. Your case will receive all the attention it deserves.

Effective Family Law Attorneys With Proven Results

Our family law attorneys represent those facing difficult, personal, and very emotional situations. Each family law lawyer at our firm can help reduce the stress of these situations by offering innovative and out-of-the-box options and solutions.

Daniel L. Dwyer, and Khara Alvero have decades of combined experience in resolving complex cases. They are respected family law attorneys with proven results.

If your situation requires your participation in Family Law Mediation, we have attorneys who are Family Law mediators certified by the Florida Supreme Court. Family law mediations held at the firm are conducted in a quiet and comfortable setting with respect paid to all parties and counsel. .

Business Law and Real Estate Law Expertise

Our full-service law firm also offers guidance to clients in matters relating to business law and real estate law. This includes but is not limited to business formations or start-ups, ownership disputes, sales, purchases, mergers, real estate contracts, closings, title insurance, foreclosure defense, leases and evictions.

Our real estate and business law attorneys, led by David Murphy, have decades of experience in handling complex real estate and business law matters. Our law firm prides itself on offering cost-effective solutions while at the same time absorbing the stress of the situation.

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