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Monthly Archives: February 2019


Motorcyclist Loses Both Legs in Florida Crash

By Mander Law Group |

For many Florida residents, motorcycles are fun to ride. They offer exposure to the sun and wind on a warm spring or summer day. This exposure, however, can also lead to serious or even fatal injuries. In the event of a motorcycle crash, motorcyclists are not protected like occupants of passenger vehicles, so injuries… Read More »


Elderly Man in Florida Arrested for Selling Pounds of Marijuana Daily

By Mander Law Group |

There’s a lot of money to be made in the marijuana industry. While selling it on the streets can be lucrative financially, it is nevertheless against the law. Even possession of marijuana can be a criminal offense. An elderly man in Florida found out the hard way when he was arrested for selling multiple… Read More »


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Divorcing; What Does This Mean for the Billionaire?

By Mander Law Group |

Marriages do not always last forever. Even after decades of marriage, a couple can suddenly decide to divorce. After so much time together, there is bound to be significant assets involved. This is especially true when the world’s richest man divorces. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos—who grew up in South Florida—is filing for divorce from… Read More »

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