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Monthly Archives: August 2019

Understanding the Birdnesting Co-Parenting Arrangement

By Mander Law Group |

Child custody is one of the most debated topics among divorcing parents. When everyone has been living together as a family, it can be hard to split up time with the kids. Which parent has primary custody? Who gets the kids on the weekends? There are many co-parenting arrangements to suit the needs of… Read More »


Florida Music Instructor Charged With Lewd and Lascivious Behavior

By Mander Law Group |

Many adults engage in inappropriate behavior with young children and teens. This behavior is called lewd and lascivious behavior. It is often sexual in nature and may or may not involve penetration. This behavior is taken very seriously in Florida. Depending on the age of the victim and the actions of the perpetrator, a… Read More »


NFL Player Loses Arm in Florida Accident

By Mander Law Group |

It is sad when a car accident victim suffers a major injury such as an amputation, especially when the person is a professional athlete who depends on all their body parts. Sadly, this was what recently happened to an NFL player who was involved in a car crash in Florida. Miami Dolphins defensive tackle… Read More »

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