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Monthly Archives: May 2020


Florida Coach Accused of Molesting High School Girl

By Mander Law Group |

Adults such as teachers and coaches spend a lot of time with young children. Because of this, they may sometimes be blamed for actions they never did and even accused of child molestation. In Florida, this is considered a serious accusation that can lead to very harsh penalties. A coach at Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory… Read More »


3 Injured in Crash on U.S. Highway 98

By Mander Law Group |

Car crashes often lead to serious injuries, especially if large vehicles are involved. Semi trucks, dump trucks and other large vehicles can collide and cause occupants to suffer head trauma, back and neck injuries, amputations, scarring, disfigurement and even death. Fortunately, nobody was killed in a recent dump truck crash in Florida. However, three… Read More »


Divorce During a Pandemic

By Mander Law Group |

COVID-19 is sweeping the nation. Worldwide, there have been more than 1.1 million confirmed cases and more than 64,000 deaths. Understandably, Americans are stressed out. Millions have lost their jobs. Many are forced to shelter in place. Schools have closed. Stores are out of toilet paper, hand sanitizer and other essentials as shoppers panic… Read More »


Medical Malpractice in Telemedicine

By Mander Law Group |

In the past, you had to physically go to a doctor’s office to get the care you needed when you were sick or injured. While you still have to visit your doctor for certain procedures (obviously you can’t get a vaccine over the internet, for example), many health concerns can now be addressed through… Read More »


Motorcyclist Killed, 2 Others Injured in Port Orange Accident

By Mander Law Group |

Motorcycles may be fun to ride, but they aren’t the safest vehicles. There is nothing to protect the rider and any passengers, so when the motorcycle crashes, the results can be deadly. Sadly, this was the case for a man in Florida. The 70-year-old man was killed in a multi-vehicle crash on the afternoon… Read More »

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