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Author Archives: Jay Butchko


1 Killed In Fiery Crash With Tree

By Mander Law Group |

Car accidents can happen in many ways. Many often occur when vehicles go off the road for some reason, colliding with trees and other objects. Sadly, these crashes are often deadly. This was the case when a driver hit a tree in Florida. The fatal accident occurred on the afternoon of March 2 at… Read More »


How To Avoid Divorce

By Mander Law Group |

Nobody gets married thinking that they will get divorced someday. But divorce happens a lot—in nearly half of all marriages, to be exact. Divorce can be a stressful and costly undertaking, so you want to avoid it at all costs. How do you keep your marriage divorce-proof? While there are no surefire ways to… Read More »


3 Killed In SUV, Semi Truck Accident In Pasco

By Mander Law Group |

When an SUV collides with a semi truck, you can expect that the outcome won’t be good. Sadly, this was recently the case in Pasco, when a family of three was killed in a semi truck crash. The fatal accident occurred on the evening of January 8 on Interstate 75. A 55-year-old man from… Read More »


1 Killed In Bradenton Motorcycle Accident

By Mander Law Group |

There are many causes of motorcycle accidents. Many crashes occur when vehicles make left turns in front of motorcycles. This was what recently happened in Bradenton and unfortunately, it led to fatality. A 33-year-old man from Palmetto was recently killed in a crash while riding a Kawasaki motorcycle. The crash occurred at the intersection… Read More »


Florida Man Arrested, Charged With Luring Girl

By Mander Law Group |

It’s important for children to be careful when out walking in Florida neighborhoods. When out at any time of the day, they can be approached by strangers wanting to hurt them or have them do things they don’t feel comfortable doing. On December 28, an 11-year-old girl was approached by a 34-year-old man while… Read More »


Signs Of Divorce

By Mander Law Group |

Most married people think they would know if their marriage was headed for divorce. They might look for major signs like money problems, abuse, addiction, and infidelity. However, there are other signs that your marriage is in trouble. They’re not always so easy to notice, so we might ignore them, causing our marriage to… Read More »


Motorcyclist Killed In Florida Accident

By Mander Law Group |

The Florida climate is perfect for motorcycles. The sun and warm weather make riding a fun activity. However, riding a motorcycle is not always safe. A rider can lose control at any time. This was recently the case in Florida and it led to fatality. A man was killed in a motorcycle crash on… Read More »


Man Hit, Killed By Semi Truck In Citra Accident

By Mander Law Group |

It’s one thing to get hit by a passenger car, but getting hit by a semi truck is a whole different accident. It’s no doubt a fatal one as well. Sadly, a Florida man was hit and killed by a semi truck in Citra. The fatal accident occurred on the afternoon of December 1… Read More »


Alternatives To Divorce

By Mander Law Group |

January is known as “Divorce Month” because after the holidays, many people want to start the New Year on the right note—divorced. You may not want to keep staying in a dead-end relationship. However, you should know that divorce is not your only option. You can turn your miserable marriage into a purpose-driven one…. Read More »


Florida Woman Blames Eggroll For Erratic Driving, Gets DUI Charges

By Mander Law Group |

People often say crazy things to get out of tickets and crimes. A Florida woman recently told police that the reason she was driving erratically was that she had eaten an eggroll. Was it true? Not quite. Police did not find any sign of an eggroll in the woman’s possession. Instead, they found loose… Read More »

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