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1 Killed In Bradenton Motorcycle Accident


There are many causes of motorcycle accidents. Many crashes occur when vehicles make left turns in front of motorcycles.

This was what recently happened in Bradenton and unfortunately, it led to fatality. A 33-year-old man from Palmetto was recently killed in a crash while riding a Kawasaki motorcycle.

The crash occurred at the intersection of Florida Boulevard and Washington Street. A Chrysler SUV was traveling east on Florida Boulevard, while the motorcycle was heading west. It was speeding when the Chrysler made a left turn into the path of the motorcycle. The motorcycle rider steered to the right, but could not avoid a collision.

The front of the motorcycle collided with the right side of the Chrysler. The motorcycle rider died at the accident scene. The two occupants of the Chrysler, a couple from Michigan in their 70s. They were not injured in the crash.

Left Turns in Front of Motorcycles 

Motorcyclists are at risk of being involved in an accident when they are approaching an intersection and a vehicle turns left in front of them. In fact, it’s the top cause of motorcycle accidents and fatalities. Making a left turn at an intersection is much more dangerous than making a right turn. This is because drivers turning right do not have to cross oncoming traffic. During a left turn, however, motorcycle drivers have to be on high alert. They have to worry about oncoming traffic as well as their left to make sure nobody is trying to pass them.

One of the main reasons why motorists tend to make left turns in front of motorcycles is that they are hard to see. Motorcycles are much smaller than passenger vehicles, so they are much harder to see due to depth perception. Motorists don’t see motorcycles the same way they see cars and trucks. That’s because you may see hundreds of cars and trucks every day. How many motorcycles will you see? Probably fewer than 10. Motorcycles are not a huge part of the daily driving experience. Plus, they tend to blend in with their surroundings, so drivers have a much harder time seeing and judging them.

To make a safe left turn, motorists should:

  • Yield to other traffic.
  • Signal for the left-hand turn well in advance.
  • Stay alert and look for other vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians in your path.
  • Allow plenty of time to cross traffic lanes; don’t expect other drivers to slow down.
  • Don’t cut corners; keep your vehicle’s front wheels in line with the center of the street.

Seek Help for Your Motorcycle Accident Case

No matter how careful you are, motorcycle accidents can still occur. If you have been injured, make sure you seek legal help.

The Dade City & Zephyrhills motorcycle accident attorneys at Madonna Law Group can help you or your loved ones if they have been injured in a motorcycle accident. Schedule a consultation by filling out the online form or calling (800) 557-0411.



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