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Two-Vehicle Accident Leads To One Fatality, Multiple Injuries

By Mander Law Group |

Car accidents tend to result in injuries, but depending on the situation, a crash involving just two vehicles can lead to more than a dozen people injured. That was the case in Florida when a pickup truck and passenger van collided. The accident happened on the afternoon of March 6 in West Broward County…. Read More »


Man Killed After Getting Hit By Pickup Truck

By Mander Law Group |

There are many types of auto accidents. Many involve vehicles only, while some involve vehicles and pedestrians. These types of crashes tend to be the most dangerous. That’s because pedestrians do not have the protection of a vehicle. This leaves them vulnerable to extensive injuries and even fatalities. A Florida man was killed during… Read More »


Florida Woman Charged With DUI Urinates On Officer

By Mander Law Group |

DUI traffic stops are not always routine. Sometimes those pulled over by police cooperate without much fuss. Others get aggressive and lash out at the police officers. Very few actually pee on an officer. Surprisingly, that was what a Florida mom recently did after causing an accident and getting arrested for driving while under… Read More »


Botched Surgery Leads To $109 Million Award For Florida Woman

By Mander Law Group |

A Florida woman who went in to get a benign cyst removed got more than she bargained for when her hands and feet had to be removed as well. The woman sued for medical malpractice and a jury recently awarded her $109 million in damages. The 52-year-old woman had the surgery performed in November… Read More »


U.S. 27 Closed After 4 Trucks Collide

By Mander Law Group |

A big rig accident is bad enough when one vehicle is involved. When four huge trucks all collide in one single crash, the results can be disastrous. A recent crash in Florida involved a dump truck, a gas tanker truck and two tractor-trailers. Only one driver was injured and taken to  Cleveland Clinic in… Read More »


Teacher Killed In Crash Involving Police Officers

By Mander Law Group |

A horrific car accident in Miami has seriously damaged vehicles and caused fatal injuries. The fatal crash happened on the evening of January 2 on Hialeah Drive by 5th Avenue. The crash, which sounded like an explosion, injured two police officers and killed a popular math teacher. The 51-year-old teacher taught at a Miami… Read More »


Motorcycle-Tow Truck Accident Leads To Fatality

By Mander Law Group |

Passing another vehicle on the road can sometimes be a dangerous maneuver, especially if you’re riding a motorcycle. Motorcycles are smaller than passenger vehicles and are therefore harder to see. When a motorcycle and tow truck try to change lanes at the same time, accidents are bound to occur. Such a situation in Florida… Read More »


Miami Teacher Facing Lewd And Lascivious Battery Charges

By Mander Law Group |

Teachers are supposed to have a professional relationship with their students. Their job is to educate young people so they can excel in life. Some teachers, however, take their relationships too far and develop romantic feelings toward their students. This was the case for a Florida teacher who is now facing charges of lewd… Read More »


Divorce And Taxes: What You Need To Know

By Mander Law Group |

A divorce is a huge change for a person, especially if they had been married for a long time. There are many aspects to a divorce, such as asset division, child custody, child support and alimony. Even when your divorce has been officially finalized, there’s still one thing to think about: taxes. Taxes are… Read More »


Providing Consistency For Children After A Divorce

By Mander Law Group |

When a couple divorces, there is a lot on their minds. Property division, finances and possible sale of the marital home are often things that weigh heavily on the minds of divorcing couples. Quite often, children are involved in divorces, but parents do not always think about the effects on the kids. They do… Read More »

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