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Child Custody Issues? There’s an App for That

By Mander Law Group |

It is not uncommon for couples to fight over various issues in a divorce. Some argue over assets, while others will debate over child custody. It’s only normal for both parents to want to spend time with their children. This often leads to arguments over scheduling, money and child support. Even when lawyers and… Read More »


Florida Man Arrested for DUI on Lawnmower

By Mander Law Group |

When you think of a DUI, a lawnmower probably doesn’t come to mind. However, a recent DUI arrest in Florida involved a man riding a lawnmower. The 68-year-old man was arrested in Haines City on May 5. He was riding a lawnmower with a trailer when he crashed into a police vehicle outside a… Read More »


Florida Man Killed After Rear-Ending Dump Truck

By Mander Law Group |

Auto accidents can be deadly, particularly when they involve large vehicles such as semi trucks and construction vehicles. The sheer size of these vehicles can cause crushing injuries, and those who survive often must deal with serious and even permanent disabilities. A Florida man was recently killed when he rear-ended a dump truck while… Read More »


Basketball Players Arrested for Misdemeanor Drug Possession in Florida

By Mander Law Group |

Drug laws in Florida are confusing, especially when it comes to marijuana. Some states legalize it, while others don’t. Even though marijuana is not as harmful as other drugs, possession of small amounts can lead to criminal charges. In some cases, it can lead to a felony, which can affect many aspects of a… Read More »


Police Officer Won’t Face Charges for Killing Teen in Car Accident

By Mander Law Group |

It’s always sad when a car accident kills a person, especially a teen. When this happens, should the liable party face criminal charges? It depends on the circumstances. The law allows for vehicular homicide charges if the accident occurred in a reckless manner. But what is considered reckless? In a recent case involving the… Read More »


What to Do After Your Divorce

By Mander Law Group |

A divorce can be overwhelming. It can seem like the process will never end. Even when your divorce has been finalized, you realize there is still more work to do. While the divorce decree outlines how assets will be divided, it does not actually split up everything. There is additional paperwork that needs to… Read More »


1 Killed, 1 Injured in Hit-and-Run Motorcycle Crash in Hillsborough

By Mander Law Group |

Motorcycles are dangerous vehicles to ride. A motorcyclist is 28 times more likely to die in a crash than an occupant of a passenger car. This because motorcyclists are less visible than other vehicles. Plus, they have nothing to shield them from the impact of a crash. Unfortunately, a crash in Florida has led… Read More »


Little-Known Law Prevents Medical Malpractice Case Against Florida Hospital

By Mander Law Group |

When a loved one dies due to someone else’s negligence, people are often under the assumption that they can file a wrongful death lawsuit in hopes of recovering compensation. While this is true in most cases, some states have laws prohibiting surviving family members from pursuing medical malpractice lawsuits in certain instances. This means… Read More »


University of Florida Football Player Accused of Sexual Assault

By Mander Law Group |

Movie stars, athletes and other celebrities seem to have it made, but because they have so much wealth, they often get accused of crimes. Sometimes they did in fact do the crime, but in some cases, the allegations are false. It is especially common for athletes to face allegations of certain crimes. Even college… Read More »


Florida School Counselor Arrested for DUI

By Mander Law Group |

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a common offense. Motorists often have a few alcoholic beverages and overestimate their ability to drive. Once they are behind the wheel and on the road, they may not notice their slow reflexes and impaired judgment before it is too late. Some cause serious accidents that lead to… Read More »

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