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Why Working Parents Are Getting Divorced At High Rates


The divorce rate in the United States is at an all-time low, but there is one demographic in which the rates are rising: working parents. In these divorces, it is one parent — most commonly, the mother — who is pretty much doing everything. She works full time, she comes home and cooks and cleans. She takes care of the kids. What does the father do? Come home and watch TV or play video games.

Women are tired of managing their careers, the household, and the children. Not to mention, they are also taking on all the mental load. They’re doing it all and they’re exhausted.

Men see this and instead of stepping in to help out, they just assume everything is under control. They think they don’t have to do anything. It has become a trend and it’s one that is leading to divorce court.

And this isn’t just speculation. A survey showed that 79% of working mothers are responsible for doing the laundry. They are also twice as likely as fathers to cook meals.

A common theme is that the men come home from work and have all this free time to watch TV or hang out with friends. What do the women get to do? Cook dinner, do dishes, fold laundry, and wrangle the kids into the bathtub.

Lawyers have been seeing this constantly in their family law practices for the past decade. Their clients describe themselves as “married single parents.” Sadly, they don’t have a partner they can depend on.

One common issue is the mental load. Not only are women physically doing everything, but they’re mentally doing it all as well. They’re managing everyone’s schedule. They’re making medical appointments and planning playdates for the kids. They’re pretty much the CEOs of the family, coordinating everything. And when the fathers do want to do something, they have to ask what needs to be done. It becomes exhausting for the women because nobody tells them what to do. They just do it.

Women are dealing with so much work. They feel that if they are doing it all by themselves, they might as well be by themselves. So what’s why the divorce rates in this group are skyrocketing.

The thing is that men aren’t always recognizing that their behavior is ruining their marriages. They would rather blame someone else than admit they are wrong. They think everything is going great in their marriage until it’s too late.

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Both spouses need to pull their weight in a marriage. When one person is working, taking care of the kids, and doing everything around the house, resentment builds up. What is the point of being married?

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