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Providing Consistency For Children After A Divorce


When a couple divorces, there is a lot on their minds. Property division, finances and possible sale of the marital home are often things that weigh heavily on the minds of divorcing couples. Quite often, children are involved in divorces, but parents do not always think about the effects on the kids. They do not understand that going from one to two households is not going to be easy. If the parents can’t agree on certain rules, the transition will be even harder.

Fortunately, with a little consistency, children can thrive after a divorce. Here are some ways in which parents can unite and make things easier for their children.

Meet and Agree

When a couple is divorcing, trying to agree on anything can be a challenge. However, it’s important to keep the children in mind. Compromise and thinking about the best interests of the children will go a long way toward providing structure for your child. When communication becomes difficult, listen, show restraint and focus on the kids. Remember that both parents need to be consistent in their rules. Otherwise, children become confused and end up not knowing what is and what is not appropriate.

Seek Mediation

A third party may be helpful if you and your ex-spouse cannot come to any type of agreement. Mediators are not biased and they can help move your discussion along so you can work through your differences.

Be Flexible

It’s OK to have some rules that you cannot bend on, but when you are inflexible about everything, you’re bound to get frustrated. What are some rules that you absolutely must implement? In exchange, give the other parent an opportunity to have his or her way. Remember, you have to give a little to get a little. You can’t have everything your way when there is another parent involved.

Take a Parenting Class

 This may seem a little extreme, but these classes are very helpful for parents who may not be aware of normal procedures for child rearing or who refuse to compromise. You’ll also learn about what happens when parents contradict each other. Children can be emotionally damaged by having to learn two sets of rules.

Go to Court

If you absolutely cannot get any support from the other parent, you can make a last-ditch effort and go to court. A judge can make decisions for you, but keep in mind that you will lose control and the judge could make unexpected decisions.

Getting Help for Your Divorce

 Divorce can be extremely stressful, especially when children are involved. Children are now having to deal with two households, which can be confusing if there is no consistency. When the rules are the same from one household to another, children have peace of mind.

If you’re divorcing with children, seek a reputable lawyer who can help you with the process. The Dade City family law attorneys at Madonna Law Group can help you parent with less stress. Schedule your consultation today by contacting us at (800) 557-0411.



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