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2 Killed In Motorcycle Accident


It can be unsafe for motorcycles to travel around passenger cars and other vehicles. Motorists often do not notice motorcycles, since they are so small. This can lead to serious crashes and even fatalities.

Sadly, this recently happened in Florida. Two people were killed in a multi-vehicle crash involving an SUV and four motorcycles. The fatal accident occurred on the evening of May 24 in Jacksonville.

Four motorcyclists were traveling on I-95 in Flagler County, near mile marker 296, when an SUV approached them. To avoid getting hit, all four motorcycles tried to move out of the way, but they all collided with each other. All four riders were ejected from their bikes, landing onto the roadway. Two died at the accident scene, while the other two were taken to a local hospital. The occupants of the SUV—a driver and teenage passenger—were not injured.

The northbound lanes of I-95 were closed for six hours.

Blind Spot Accidents

Motorcycles are small and hard to see. When passenger vehicles try to change lanes, they may inadvertently hit a motorcycle because it is in a blind spot. Motorcycles can easily fit into these blind spots, putting them at danger for serious accidents.

To prevent hitting anything in a blind spot, motorists should always physically look over their shoulder to see if any vehicles are in the adjacent lane. While looking in your vehicle’s mirrors can be helpful, they don’t show everything.

Motorcycle riders should also do their part to avoid blind spot accidents. They should look to see if they can see a motorist’s face in their rearview mirror. If not, then the motorcycle rider is essentially driving while invisible, which means the motorist cannot see the rider and may crash into them at any time.

As a motorist, you can do your part. Adjust your rearview mirror so that it frames your rear window. Side view mirrors should be adjusted so that they point toward your blind spots. Look over your shoulder before you turn, merge, or change lanes. Show others on the road what you plan to do by using your blinker and tapping your brakes. Drive defensively and predict when a motorcyclist will end up in your blind spot.

Motorcyclists should avoid riding to the side of a vehicle. They should ride in the front or the back instead. Leave adequate stopping distance so you can react in the event of an emergency. Drive defensively and try to predict possible accident scenarios. Be prepared to take evasive action.

Seek Help for Your Motorcycle Accident Case

When cars and motorcycles share the same roadway, accidents are likely to occur. Many crashes result in catastrophic injuries and even death.

The Dade City & Zephyrhills motorcycle accident attorneys at Madonna Law Group can help you obtain compensation for injuries and other damages. Schedule a consultation to learn more. Call our office at (800) 557-0411 or fill out the online form.



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