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When a Car Crash is Caused by a Medical Condition

By Madonna Law Group |

You might have seen vehicles suddenly veer off the road or crash into something for no apparent reason. These car accidents may have been caused by a medical emergency. Some motorists have chronic medical conditions that can affect their driving. The most common ones are epilepsy and diabetes, which can cause seizures and loss… Read More »


Florida Coach Accused of Molesting High School Girl

By Madonna Law Group |

Adults such as teachers and coaches spend a lot of time with young children. Because of this, they may sometimes be blamed for actions they never did and even accused of child molestation. In Florida, this is considered a serious accusation that can lead to very harsh penalties. A coach at Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory… Read More »


Broward County Teacher Fired for Molesting Student

By Madonna Law Group |

When a person is arrested for a crime that directly impacts their job—especially one that involves children—they are typically fired soon after, especially if there is significant evidence that shows that they are guilty of the crime. However, in one Florida case, a teacher was charged with molesting a student and the school district… Read More »

Understanding the Birdnesting Co-Parenting Arrangement

By Madonna Law Group |

Child custody is one of the most debated topics among divorcing parents. When everyone has been living together as a family, it can be hard to split up time with the kids. Which parent has primary custody? Who gets the kids on the weekends? There are many co-parenting arrangements to suit the needs of… Read More »


Making the Divorce Process Easier

By Madonna Law Group |

Besides experiencing the death of a loved one, a divorce is the most stressful situation a person can face. While not every marriage ends in divorce, nearly half of them do. With gray divorces on the rise, there are no guarantees. Any marriage—even one lasting several decades—can lead to a trip to the lawyer’s… Read More »

Impact of Final Injunctions

By Madonna Law Group |

Loss of Your Rights – Why you need a lawyer The scenario that begins an injunction can start with you simply having a verbal disagreement with a person that you know. It is even probably someone you like or trust. The police may never have been called. You chock the whole incident up to… Read More »

When is an award of alimony warranted in a Dissolution of Marriage

By Daniel Dwyer |

Current Florida Law permits the award of alimony in a dissolution proceeding, if an individual can prove an actual financial need and his/her spouse has the financial ability to pay. If the court, within sound discretion, determines there is a need and ability to pay then the determination of the proper type and form… Read More »

Knock and Talk Consent Search Tactics Used by Law Enforcement

By Madonna Law Group |

A “Knock and Talk” or a “Tap and Rap” consent search is a tactic used by law enforcement officers when they do not have the necessary probable cause to obtain a search warrant but nonetheless want to search a residence or business. A “Knock and Talk” scenario commonly occurs when usually two police officers… Read More »

When are Miranda Warnings Required?

By Madonna Law Group |

Our clients routinely tell our criminal defense attorneys that their “rights” were not read to them after being arrested and many are surprised when they are told that the warnings were not required because the officer did not ask them any questions. This article should help clarify the confusion. There are two basic requirements… Read More »

Florida’s Wire Tap Statute and Recording Law Enforcement Officers While On-Duty

By Madonna Law Group |

Should it be illegal when citizens audio and/or video law enforcement officers while they are in the public and performing their duties? Many officers believe that it is illegal to record an officer while performing his or her duties if the officer does not consent to being recorded. These officers are the same ones… Read More »

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