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Category Archives: Truck Accident


Falling Cargo Causes Accident On I-75

By Madonna Law Group |

When driving, you need to be wary of the vehicles in front of you, especially if they are carrying heavy materials such as wood. This cargo can suddenly fall off the truck without warning, spilling onto the road and hitting vehicles. This happened on Interstate 75 in Pasco County on the morning of May… Read More »


Driver Killed After Going Under Semi Truck On I-95

By Madonna Law Group |

Semi trucks are common sights on Florida highways, but it’s important for other motorists to keep their distance. Getting too close to these large vehicles could result in a fatal crash, so drivers need to be careful. Sadly, this was recently the case in Florida. A woman was killed after colliding with a semi… Read More »


7 Injured In Multi-Vehicle Crash In Sarasota

By Madonna Law Group |

There’s a lot of semi truck traffic in Florida. It can be hard for these large vehicles to navigate through traffic when it’s at a standstill. If the truck driver fails to slow down in time, the vehicle can cause significant damage. This is what recently happened in Sarasota. A semi truck plowed into… Read More »


6 Injured In Semi Truck-School Bus Crash

By Madonna Law Group |

The dangers of a semi truck hitting a passenger car are clear. The car usually gets totaled, and the occupants tend to suffer catastrophic injuries or even death. When a semi truck hits a school bus, major injuries can still occur, even though school buses are strong vehicles. A recent crash involving a school… Read More »


Man Killed In Semi Truck/Pedestrian Accident

By Madonna Law Group |

When it comes to auto accidents, nothing is as bad as getting hit by a semi truck. These vehicles are very heavy, sometimes weighing as much as 40 tons. Even when there are no trailers involved, the result could be serious or even fatal. Sadly, this was recently the case in Florida. A pedestrian… Read More »


3 Killed In SUV, Semi Truck Accident In Pasco

By Madonna Law Group |

When an SUV collides with a semi truck, you can expect that the outcome won’t be good. Sadly, this was recently the case in Pasco, when a family of three was killed in a semi truck crash. The fatal accident occurred on the evening of January 8 on Interstate 75. A 55-year-old man from… Read More »


Man Hit, Killed By Semi Truck In Citra Accident

By Madonna Law Group |

It’s one thing to get hit by a passenger car, but getting hit by a semi truck is a whole different accident. It’s no doubt a fatal one as well. Sadly, a Florida man was hit and killed by a semi truck in Citra. The fatal accident occurred on the afternoon of December 1… Read More »


Semi Truck Driver Killed In Florida Crash

By Madonna Law Group |

Chain-reaction crashes involve multiple vehicles, which means that the injuries can be severe and even fatal. Sadly, this was recently the case in Florida, when a tractor-trailer hauling mail was involved in such an accident, killing the driver. The fatal accident occurred on the afternoon of August 24 on I-75, near Milepost 316, in… Read More »


Boy Killed in Semi Truck Crash on Interstate 10

By Madonna Law Group |

When it comes to getting hit by a vehicle, getting in a semi truck crash is probably the deadliest type of automobile accident. Semi trucks weigh as much as 20 times more than your average passenger car. That means that a collision between a car and semi truck can be deadly. Sadly, this was… Read More »


Mail Truck Driver Seriously Injured in Florida Crash

By Madonna Law Group |

Truck accidents can result in serious injuries to all those involved. They can also be messy situations, especially when the cargo from these trucks ends up on the roadways.  A mail truck was recently involved in a crash on Interstate 75, near Big Bend Road in Riverview. The accident happened on southbound Interstate 75… Read More »

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