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Category Archives: Auto Accidents


Woman Killed In Multi-Vehicle Pedestrian Crash

By Madonna Law Group |

Drivers need to be aware of the fact that pedestrians may be on the roadways. However, motorists do not usually expect to find people walking on busy freeways. It does happen, though, and the results can be disastrous and even deadly. Sadly, this was recently the case in Pasco County. A 31-year-old woman was… Read More »


1 Killed In Accident Involving Stolen Vehicle

By Madonna Law Group |

Car accidents can happen at any time. When a driver loses control of their vehicle, the risk of a crash is especially high. One person was recently killed when a driver lost control of a stolen vehicle in Dade City. The fatal accident occurred on October 14 on Clinton Avenue. A Ford pickup truck… Read More »


Hit And Run Victim Rides On Hood Of Car

By Madonna Law Group |

When a person is hit by a car, they want justice. They want the person that hit them to pay for their injuries and other damages. If the crash was a crime, they want the person to face appropriate punishment. But that can’t happen if the driver flees the accident. In a hit and… Read More »


1 Killed, 1 Injured In Pedestrian Accident

By Madonna Law Group |

Ideally, cars and people would peacefully coexist on roadways, but that does not always happen. Anytime a person goes out onto a roadway, they risk a pedestrian accident. This is especially true in areas where drivers are not typically looking for pedestrians. This recently happened in Pasco County. A woman was killed and her… Read More »


Girl Hit By Pickup Truck In Dade City

By Madonna Law Group |

When motorists are on the highway, they’re not typically looking for pedestrians. They are focusing on the actions of the vehicles in front of them. So when a child suddenly darts out in the middle of a road where vehicles are traveling at high speeds, the results can be catastrophic. A young girl was… Read More »


Florida To Receive Money To Prevent Fatal Car Accidents

By Madonna Law Group |

Of all 50 states, Florida ranks #3 for having the most fatal car accidents. The Sunshine State is behind California and Texas, with 3,489 people dying in car crashes in 2022. This has become a major issue and federal agencies are stepping in to help remedy the situation. The federal government, through the  Safe… Read More »


2 Killed In 2 Separate Accidents On State Route 54

By Madonna Law Group |

Sometimes accidents can happen in the same area on the same day. Sometimes the road might be at fault, but in a lot of cases, the cause is driver error. Two people were recently killed in two separate crashes on the same road in Florida. The fatal accidents occurred on the evening of June… Read More »


Baby Killed In Florida Crash Due To Improper Traffic Stop

By Madonna Law Group |

If you’re a parent, you know how difficult it can be to deal with children in the car. They fuss, they whine, they yell. Babies can be especially fussy, screaming at the top of their lungs for seemingly no reason. This can be a frustrating situation for mothers and fathers when they are driving… Read More »


2 Teens Injured In High-Speed Crash

By Madonna Law Group |

Sports cars are made to go fast. Still, some drivers take these machines to their limits, pushing their vehicle to triple-digit speeds, causing loss of control. In many cases, drivers collide with buildings, guardrails, and other solid, sturdy objects, causing serious damage, catastrophic injuries, and even death. Two teens were recently injured when a… Read More »


Man Killed In Fiery Crash

By Madonna Law Group |

There are some good teen drivers, but there are many who do not drive safely. They may speed, text, run red lights or engage in other reckless behavior. A teen was speeding in a BMW when he collided with a Jeep, killing the driver. The fatal accident occurred on the afternoon of March 9… Read More »

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