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Category Archives: DUI Defense


Florida Bill Would Have Mandated Drunk Drivers Who Kill Parents To Pay Child Support

By Madonna Law Group |

Florida is strict when it comes to drunk driving. There are harsh penalties in place for those who cause serious or fatal accidents. One bill would have even ordered drunk drivers who kill those with minor children to pay child support to the surviving parent. The bill, titled HB 79: Child Maintenance Restitution, would… Read More »


Lawyer For Rapper Young Thug Jailed For Contempt

By Madonna Law Group |

Defending someone in the court of law is a difficult job. As a lawyer, if you don’t comply with the judge’s requests, you could be held in contempt of court. That’s what happened to the defense attorney for Young Thug, a Grammy-winning rapper also known as Jeffery Williams. Defense attorney Brian Steel represents the… Read More »


Police Officer Seen Planting Evidence In DUI Arrest

By Madonna Law Group |

Police officers are supposed to protect the community from criminals, but sometimes they do things to arrest innocent people, such as planting evidence. This happened during a routine traffic stop in Tallahassee last May. The police officer, a 26-year-old woman, pulled over a 56-year-old man for driving with a suspended license. She detained the… Read More »


Former Deputy Faces DUI Charges After Causing Brain Injury

By Madonna Law Group |

This is what happened to a police officer in Florida. The 46-year-old man, a former Polk County deputy, was arrested on September 21 after causing a crash in July that caused injuries to himself and a woman. The incident happened on July 27. The deputy, who was off duty at the time, was riding… Read More »


DUI Operation Results In 190 Citations, 53 Criminal Charges

By Madonna Law Group |

Many people celebrate the holidays with alcohol. Law enforcement officials are fed up with the increases in drinking and driving around the holidays. This behavior often leads to serious accidents and lives lost. Because of this, law enforcement agencies in Pinellas County implemented a sting operation just before the July 4 holiday. Named “DUI… Read More »


29 Arrested In Easter DUI Crackdown

By Madonna Law Group |

Alcohol and holidays seem to go well together. People like to get together with loved ones and celebrate with beer, wine, and other spirits. While this is legal, it’s not legal to get behind the wheel of a vehicle afterward and drive. Intoxicated driving is never safe. Even a few beers or glasses of… Read More »


Police Officer Arrested For DUI

By Madonna Law Group |

When you think of a DUI offender, police officers don’t typically come to mind. However, people from all walks of life have been arrested for drinking and driving. A police officer from Florida was recently arrested for DUI. The man was arrested on the evening of February 4. He has since been terminated from… Read More »


How To Avoid A DUI During The Holidays

By Madonna Law Group |

Drunk driving is a problem every day of the year, but DUIs tend to increase over the holidays. People celebrate Christmas and New Year’s with alcohol, and then try to drive home. While some make it home OK, others cause serious accidents or get pulled over by police for reckless driving. Drunk driving is… Read More »


Man Arrested For DUI Manslaughter After Passenger Dies

By Madonna Law Group |

Drivers do not always take drinking and driving seriously. They may not think it’s a big deal if they are driving a vehicle like a golf cart, but a person can still drive poorly and cause accidents, injuries, or death. A man was recently arrested after a passenger fell off a golf cart he… Read More »


State Trooper Collides With Drunk Driver To Protect Runners

By Madonna Law Group |

Sometimes police officers have to make quick decisions and take evasive action in order to protect the lives of others. This is often the case when someone is engaging in criminal activity and putting the lives of others in harm’s way. A Florida state trooper recently acted in a brave manner, hitting a drunk… Read More »

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