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Category Archives: Family Law


New Alimony Laws In Effect

By Madonna Law Group |

Florida’s alimony laws have been in flux for more than a decade. The state has various types of alimony, including permanent alimony, which has been the most controversial. The law has finally been overhauled after four bills. On July 1, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a new bill into law. SB 1416 is the fourth… Read More »


Alternatives To Divorce

By Madonna Law Group |

January is known as “Divorce Month” because after the holidays, many people want to start the New Year on the right note—divorced. You may not want to keep staying in a dead-end relationship. However, you should know that divorce is not your only option. You can turn your miserable marriage into a purpose-driven one…. Read More »


Dealing With Divorce Over The Holidays

By Madonna Law Group |

The holidays are upon us and while they can be exciting for many of us—especially the kids—they can be stressful for the adults, especially for divorced parents. Many parents are spending this time agonizing on how to make the holidays perfect for the children now that the family is no longer today. Indeed, a… Read More »


Weirdest Things Couples Have Fought Over In A Divorce

By Madonna Law Group |

Divorce is hardly ever easy, especially when it comes to determining who gets what. While couples primarily argue over assets such as money, the house, the cars, and the children, sometimes they will fight over things that seem unimportant. Toys, names, and even body parts have been the source of contention in some divorces…. Read More »


Zoom Makes Divorce Easier

By Madonna Law Group |

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, life changed. Many schools transitioned to distance learning. Teachers taught classes via the Zoom app, which is a video platform that can be used for meetings, webinars, and online events. It can even be used for work and legal purposes, as many family law attorneys can… Read More »


Can You Claim An Ex-Spouse’s Social Security Benefits?

By Madonna Law Group |

You may have heard rumors that you can claim an ex-spouse’s Social Security benefits after a divorce, but is it really true? It is—when you retire, you can opt for either your benefits or half of your ex-spouse’s benefits, whichever is more. So if your benefits are $1,000 a month and your ex-spouse’s are… Read More »


Will Divorced Parents Battle Over Kids’ COVID Vaccinations?

By Madonna Law Group |

Now that Pfizer has made coronavirus vaccines available to children ages 12-15, there will no doubt be some arguments among divorced parents. In an ideal world, both parents would agree to vaccinate their children, without any issue. However, the past few years have seen a rise in members of the anti-vax community. Many parents… Read More »


How to Prove That You Need Alimony

By Madonna Law Group |

Divorces rarely end well for a lot of people. Many end up struggling financially. Therefore, if you are going through a divorce, you want to ensure you come out ahead, if you can. Alimony can help in this regard. Alimony is a monthly payment you receive from your ex-spouse to help with living expenses…. Read More »


What is Parental Alienation?

By Madonna Law Group |

Divorces are complicated enough. Add children to the mix and things are bound to go haywire. Children, unfortunately, are often used as pawns in a divorce. For the most part, both parents want to spend as much time with their kids as possible. This can lead to nasty custody battles, and for one parent… Read More »


Money Issues That Lead to Divorce

By Madonna Law Group |

One of the most common causes of divorce is money. In fact, money is the #1 thing couples argue about. Money and stress are related. We all need money to survive, and it can be frustrating when we don’t have enough of it. Sometimes the issue is that the other spouse spends too much… Read More »

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