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Category Archives: accident


Child Killed in Miami-Dade Car Accident

By Madonna Law Group |

It’s always sad when someone dies in a car accident, especially when the victim is a young child. Sadly, this was recently the case in Miami-Dade. A major crash at an intersection killed a girl and injured seven others. The fatal crash occurred on the morning of September 18 at the intersection of Northwest… Read More »


Florida Hit And Run Crash Leaves 1 Dead

By Madonna Law Group |

Being involved in a car accident can be a scary situation, especially if you’re the one who caused the crash. Even though you may not have wanted to cause an accident, if you were driving in a reckless manner or broke the law before, during or after the crash, you could be held liable…. Read More »


Motorcyclist Killed In Crash

By Madonna Law Group |

Motorcycle-car accidents are often serious, due to the difference in sizes of the vehicles. To be sure, these often result in catastrophic injuries or death. This was recently the case in Florida when a motorcycle hit a car. A rear-end accident involving a motorcycle and car has led to a fatality. A motorcycle driver… Read More »


Florida Teacher Killed In Car Accident

By Madonna Law Group |

An unfortunate car accident has led to fatality for a beloved teacher. The Middleburg High School teacher was killed after returning home for Walt Disney World, one of her favorite places. The fatal crash happened on April 14. The woman was returning home from Walt Disney World with her husband when a car turned… Read More »


Two-Vehicle Accident Leads To One Fatality, Multiple Injuries

By Madonna Law Group |

Car accidents tend to result in injuries, but depending on the situation, a crash involving just two vehicles can lead to more than a dozen people injured. That was the case in Florida when a pickup truck and passenger van collided. The accident happened on the afternoon of March 6 in West Broward County…. Read More »


Motorcycle-Tow Truck Accident Leads To Fatality

By Madonna Law Group |

Passing another vehicle on the road can sometimes be a dangerous maneuver, especially if you’re riding a motorcycle. Motorcycles are smaller than passenger vehicles and are therefore harder to see. When a motorcycle and tow truck try to change lanes at the same time, accidents are bound to occur. Such a situation in Florida… Read More »


What to Do After Your Child is in an Accident

By Madonna Law Group |

Finding out that your child has been involved in an accident is one of the most stressful things that can happen to a parent or guardian. The need to be assured that your child is physically and emotionally alright is often overwhelming. In situations where a child has been injured as a result of… Read More »

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