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Category Archives: Medical Malpractice


Lawsuit Settled In Medical Malpractice Case Involving Comatose Florida Woman

By Mander Law Group |

When most women undergo procedures such as hysterectomies, they expect to wake up and continue on with life after the operation. Sadly, this does not always happen. For example, a Florida woman who underwent a hysterectomy in 2017 is still comatose. She never woke up and her family filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against… Read More »


How Dangerous Doctors Avoid Florida’s 3 Strikes Law

By Mander Law Group |

When people are negligent or break the law, they should be punished accordingly. Florida has medical malpractice laws in place to keep patients away from unsafe physicians. One of them is the Three Strikes Rule, which was passed in 2004. The law allows the Florida Board of Medicine to revoke a doctor’s medical license… Read More »


Miami Anesthesiologist Accused Of Medical Malpractice After Patient Dies

By Mander Law Group |

Surgical procedures are major undertakings because they often require anesthesia. While most surgeries go well, with minor or no complications, some unfortunately go very wrong due to medical malpractice. Some leave patients in lifelong pain and with catastrophic medical issues. Others result in death. A man died during a surgery in Miami in 2018… Read More »


Florida Medical Malpractice Reform Bill Sees Pushback

By Mander Law Group |

Medical malpractice is a highly controversial concept. While doctors should treat patients with the highest standard of care, mistakes do happen and a physician can be sued for their negligence. While doctors in Florida have medical malpractice insurance to pay out awards for any lawsuits they face, they already pay insurance rates that are… Read More »


Woman Arrested for Posing as Doctor, Disfigurement

By Mander Law Group |

Would you let an unlicensed doctor perform a surgical procedure on your nose or any other part of your body? You likely answered “no,” and for good reason. Any qualified medical professional should have a license showing that they meet the requirements to practice medicine. Otherwise, they can cause medical negligence, which can seriously… Read More »


Doctors Rarely Punished for Harming Patients

By Mander Law Group |

We rely on doctors to make us feel better when we are sick or injured. Unfortunately, though, that does not always happen. Some doctors are negligent, causing patients to suffer serious injuries and even death. When this happens, doctors hardly ever face punishment. At the most, they may be forced to pay a medical… Read More »


COVID-Related Medical Malpractice Claims on the Rise

By Mander Law Group |

2020 has been the year of disease. The coronavirus has swept the nation, resulting in 12.4 million cases and 257,000 deaths. Many victims of this deadly disease are forced to be hospitalized, hooked up to ventilators in order to breathe. Some people turn the corner and recover, while others die. Why is this virus… Read More »


Differences Between Medical Malpractice and Wrongful Death

By Mander Law Group |

People die in accidents on a daily basis. A man dies while undergoing routine surgery. A woman is shot and killed by a robber. Several people eat a salad at a picnic and suffer fatal food poisoning. A drunk driver smashes into a car, killing the driver. A child is mauled to death by… Read More »


Medical Malpractice Claim Tossed Out Due to Expired Statute of Limitations

By Mander Law Group |

In Florida, the statute of limitations for medical malpractice cases is two years. This means that once a person discovers that they have been injured by a negligent medical professional, they have to file a lawsuit within two years. If they fail to do so, the case could be thrown out of court and… Read More »


Settlement Little Consolation for Medical Malpractice Victims

By Mander Law Group |

Many people—particularly women—get plastic surgery to improve their looks. They may want a nose job or breast implants. Some get liposuction to get their body back to the way it was pre-childbirth. In any case, patients assume that their doctors are skilled and experienced in doing the cosmetic procedure of their choice. However, this… Read More »

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