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Category Archives: Sexual Battery


Man Arrested For Sexual Battery Of Teen

By Madonna Law Group |

Sexual battery is a serious crime. It’s not taken lightly in Florida, especially if the victim is a minor. A Florida man was recently arrested for sexual battery of a 17-year-old girl. The man was arrested in Miami-Dade on November 1 after sexually assaulting the victim on two separate occasions. On September 10, the… Read More »


Firefighter Arrested For Attempted Sexual Battery

By Madonna Law Group |

First responders such as firefighters are known for helping people, but sometimes they get in trouble with the law. This was recently the case with a fireman from Florida, who allegedly tried to sexually assault a female firefighter. The incident occurred when the 49-year-old fireman climbed on top of his female coworker and tried… Read More »


Changes In Death Penalty Legislation

By Madonna Law Group |

When states seek the death penalty for a person, it is often because the person engaged in murder or some other violent crime. But what about sexual battery — cases in which a victim is not killed? Should it be allowed? Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis seems to think so. He signed a bill… Read More »


Massage Therapist Arrested For Sexual Battery

By Madonna Law Group |

Many people enjoy regular massages, as they are often seen as relaxing experiences. However, it can quickly turn into a tense situation when a client feels as though they are being touched inappropriately. This is what recently happened in Winter Park. A 21-year-old massage therapist was arrested on October 5, nearly a month after… Read More »


Florida Man Found Guilty Of Sexual Battery

By Madonna Law Group |

Sex crimes are serious acts in Florida and other states because they are a violation of a person’s body. Sexual acts require consent and when a person does not want another to engage in sex with them, and the perpetrator persists, then they can be accused and convicted of sexual battery and other related… Read More »


Florida Man Faces 70 Years In Prison In Child Porn Case

By Madonna Law Group |

Many people fail to take child pornography charges seriously. Some go too far and create their own porn, taking photos and videos of nude children. They may even have inappropriate contact with the child, leading to sexual battery charges. This was the case for a Florida man, who is facing 70 years in federal… Read More »


Police Looking for 2 Men Accused of Sexual Assault

By Madonna Law Group |

Sex is supposed to be an activity that takes place between consenting adults, but that is not always the case. It is not uncommon for one person – typically a man – to force themselves onto another person – usually a woman, but could be a child or man as well – for sexual… Read More »


Florida Teen Who Raped Toddler Gets Life in Prison

By Madonna Law Group |

In Florida, sexual battery is a very serious offense that can result in life in prison. Sexual battery is the same as rape, which means engaging in sexual activity with someone without their consent. The younger the victim, the more serious the crime. This was the case for a Florida teen, who recently received… Read More »


University of Florida Football Player Accused of Sexual Assault

By Madonna Law Group |

Movie stars, athletes and other celebrities seem to have it made, but because they have so much wealth, they often get accused of crimes. Sometimes they did in fact do the crime, but in some cases, the allegations are false. It is especially common for athletes to face allegations of certain crimes. Even college… Read More »


Uber Driver Convicted Of Sexual Battery

By Madonna Law Group |

With rideshare services becoming more and more commonplace, people are using Uber and Lyft to get from place to place instead of taxi. Since rideshare services involve regular people, there is a greater risk of criminal activity. Violent crimes such as murders and rapes are more likely to occur. Unfortunately, this was the case… Read More »

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