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Common Myths Surrounding Divorce


For some people, divorce is a mysterious event. No two marriages end the same way. Because of this, people tend to come up with their own rules about divorce.

There’s so much information online, making it more important to separate truth from myth. What can you expect from your divorce, and what is a lie? Here’s a look at some common myths about divorce.

MYTH 1: Your Spouse Must Agree to the Divorce

Some people think they cannot get a divorce because their spouse doesn’t want one, but this is absolutely untrue. If one person wants to end the marriage, they can file for divorce and start the process regardless of how the other party feels. The other party can respond to the divorce filing and they can try to stall the proceedings, but they do not have to agree to it.

MYTH 2: You Must Have a Lawyer

Having a lawyer can make the divorce process easier, but there is no requirement to have one. While a simple case may not require one, a divorce with more assets and complexity could benefit from a knowledgeable lawyer who can give you advice.

MYTH 3: Having Children Will Prevent Divorce

Some couples seem to think that having a baby will fix all their problems. If this was the case, why do so many divorces involve children? Having kids will not change the problems you and your spouse are having. In fact, most of the time, children only make things worse. If you have been talking about divorce, do not have kids.

MYTH 4: Custody Always Goes to the Mother 

Full child custody may have gone to the mother in the past, but nowadays, courts focus on shared custody, as that seems to be in the child’s best interest. In some cases, fathers have full custody. In any case, the gender of the parent has no bearing on custody decisions. 

MYTH 5: Celebrities and the Wealthy Have the Highest Divorce Rates

Given all the publicity over celebrity divorces, it may seem as though they have the highest divorce rate. On the contrary, the highest divorce rate is among working class families. The poor and uneducated also see high rates.

MYTH 6: All Divorces Go To Trial

TV may make it seem as though every divorce must go through court in a nasty trial, but that is not the case. Most divorces are actually settled outside of court, which allows you and your spouse to make decisions rather than a judge.

Seek Help for Your Divorce Case

Divorce is a complex event. Not all divorces are the same, but some people seem to think that what happened to them is the norm.

Every divorce is different. Get the truth about divorce from the Dade City & Zephyrhills divorce attorneys from Madonna Law Group. We can help you navigate your divorce with ease. Schedule a consultation today by calling (800) 557-0411 or filling out the online form.



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