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How Rigidity Can Lead To Divorce


Marriage takes a lot of work. It requires both parties to put in a significant amount of effort or else the relationship can fail. While marriages can fail for a variety of reasons, they tend to deteriorate due to personality clashes. When couples are unable to work things out, it is often due to one or both parties’ inflexibility.

This is known as rigidity, and when a person is inflexible, it’s like trying to move a concrete wall. Rigidity is synonymous with stubbornness. A person who is stubborn is unable to see the other person’s point of view. They will not change their mind on anything. They refuse to budge for any reason. It’s their way or the highway.

It’s OK to have an opinion that’s different from your spouse’s. However, when it comes to the point where you refuse to hear their opinions and reasoning, it becomes an issue. Your spouse should be important to you. So should their thoughts and feelings. So when a person is rigid, it makes it hard to move the relationship forward. Couples cannot connect with one another and get stuck in a rut. This causes the marriage to fail.

Why Do People Get Rigid?

Some people have always been rigid. Others develop this trait over time. They may have personality disorders, mental health issues, or addictions they are struggling with. In some cases, rigidity can be a conscious decision to not budge on a certain issue.

People who are rigid are often insecure. They refuse to budge on issues because they are afraid of change. Rigidity often means that a person has a lack of love or affection for their spouse. This is a serious issue that you’ll need to come to terms with.

Can you live with this personality issue? By staying married, you’ll have to understand that your needs will go unmet. You’ll pretty much be dealing with this marriage on your own, which is not ideal. It’s best to move on and find a new relationship with someone who cares about you.

What if You’re the Rigid One?

Maybe you’re the one who’s unwilling to budge on issues. Here are some things you can do to change that situation and become more flexible:

  • Identify who you will listen to. Who will you take advice and feedback from? Maybe certain friends or family members? Co-workers or managers? Make a list of people.
  • Identify when you are willing to listen. Are there certain times when you are willing to listen? For example, maybe when you ask for advice or when you get feedback at work.
  • Determine when your stubbornness is at its worst. For example, maybe you feel more stubborn when a person interrupts you or when they give unsolicited advice.

Seek Help for Your Divorce Case

Marriages require give and take. A person who is stubborn and inflexible is ruining the relationship.

If your marriage cannot move forward due to your spouse’s inability to compromise or be flexible, it may be time to end things. A Dade City & Zephyrhills divorce attorney from Mander Law Group can help you with the process of ending your marriage. To schedule a consultation, fill out the online form or call (800) 557-0411.



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