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Man Hit, Killed By Semi Truck In Citra Accident


It’s one thing to get hit by a passenger car, but getting hit by a semi truck is a whole different accident. It’s no doubt a fatal one as well.

Sadly, a Florida man was hit and killed by a semi truck in Citra. The fatal accident occurred on the afternoon of December 1 on U.S. 301.

The victim, a man from Citra, was walking on the east shoulder when he suddenly jumped out in front of a semi truck. The driver, a 66-year-old man, veered to the left to avoid hitting the pedestrian. The truck went through a median and hit the side of a horse trailer.

The semi truck stopped near Northeast 175th Street. While there were no horses in the trailer, there were rabbits. The truck driver and his passenger were not injured in the crash. The pedestrian was killed in the crash. Traffic was diverted for some time while crews investigated the accident scene.

When Pedestrians Jump Out Into the Road

A driver’s worst fear may be hitting a pedestrian, especially when the person suddenly jumps out in front of the driver. The driver may be concerned about the pedestrian’s safety, but they may also be worried that they could be held liable.

After all, the laws seem to favor pedestrians when it comes to crashes involving pedestrians and vehicles. While it’s true that many pedestrian accidents are caused by distracted or reckless drivers, that is not always the case.

Drivers have a duty of care. This means slowing down and being alert in areas where pedestrians frequent. But even when a driver is being especially vigilant, they can still get into an accident. Not even the best driver can avoid a pedestrian jumping out right in front of them.

For example, like in this case, the pedestrian can suddenly enter the roadway for no explainable reason. While it’s not uncommon for young children unaware of traffic and the rules of the road to run into the road, drivers don’t usually expect this with older children and adults.

Therefore, if a pedestrian acts in a way that makes it impossible for a driver who is acting in a normal, cautious manner to avoid a crash, then the court will most likely determine that the pedestrian caused the accident. Also, if a pedestrian jumps out into the road and behaves in some other reckless manner, and the driver is forced to take evasive maneuvers, the pedestrian will be held liable for damages caused by those maneuvers.

Seek Help for Your Truck Accident Case

While truck drivers often cause accidents, in many cases, they are caused by the actions of others. If you have been a victim, make sure you take the proper steps to seek compensation.

Truck and pedestrian accidents are often complex. Act quickly and contact the Dade City & Zephyrhills truck accident attorneys at Madonna Law Group. We’ll aggressively pursue your claim for maximum compensation. Schedule a consultation by filling out the online form or calling (800) 557-0411.



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