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NFL Player Loses Arm in Florida Accident


It is sad when a car accident victim suffers a major injury such as an amputation, especially when the person is a professional athlete who depends on all their body parts. Sadly, this was what recently happened to an NFL player who was involved in a car crash in Florida.

Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Kendrick Norton was involved in a car accident on the morning of July 4. He and his girlfriend were driving a Ford F-250 on State Road 836, near Miami. For unknown reasons, Norton crashed into a concrete barrier, causing his truck to overturn.

Norton’s girlfriend suffered minor injuries in the crash and is expected to survive. Another vehicle was involved in the crash, but the driver was not injured. The accident is under investigation by the Florida Highway Patrol.

Norton was formerly with the Carolina Panthers before joining the Miami Dolphins in late 2018.  The football player is a 6-foot-3, 314-pound defensive lineman for the team.

What Happens After Arm Amputation?

Arm amputation can sometimes be planned, but when a sudden accident occurs, it is often done right away to preserve the health of the affected limb. Amputation removes the limb at a joint and is done in such a way that the patient can get fitted for a prosthesis.

Amputation is a major surgery. Once the limb is removed, the focus is on healing and recovery. Once the affected area has fully healed, you can start rehabilitation and prosthesis fitting. Before a prosthesis can be used, the residual limb must be an appropriate shape. This means that all swelling must go away first. This may take 4-6 weeks.

There are several options for arm prosthetics: body-powered, myoelectric or a combination of the two. Body-powered prosthetics move using a harness and cables. The cables open and close the hand or hook. Myoelectric prosthetics use electrodes, which are sensors that measure the natural signals that your body generates. These prosthetics are battery-powered. There are also hybrid systems that use both of these methods. For example, the elbow may be body-powered, while the hand and wrist may be myoelectric.

Once you choose the prosthetic device that is best for you, you will go through rehabilitation so you can learn how to use it. You will work with a therapist to gain as much mobility as possible. You will learn daily tasks and repetitive drills with your prosthesis. You will also learn how to put it on and take it off properly.

Seek Help for Your Car Accident Case

Car accidents can cause serious injuries. While most are fender-benders, others are catastrophic, leading to broken bones, paralysis, mobility issues and, as seen here, amputation.

Such an injury can affect a person for the rest of their life, since we tend to rely on our arms and legs to move around and complete tasks. If you were injured in a crash due to the fault of another party, the Dade City auto accident attorneys at Madonna Law Group can help. Our aggressive representation can help you obtain the compensation you deserve for your damages. To schedule a free consultation, call our office at (800) 557-0411 today.



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