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Will Divorced Parents Battle Over Kids’ COVID Vaccinations?


Now that Pfizer has made coronavirus vaccines available to children ages 12-15, there will no doubt be some arguments among divorced parents. In an ideal world, both parents would agree to vaccinate their children, without any issue.

However, the past few years have seen a rise in members of the anti-vax community. Many parents are against vaccinations, claiming they cause autism and other medical conditions. Other parents, however, have been vaccinated themselves and have no issue ensuring their children get the shots they need to stay healthy.

When the parents are divorced and disagree on vaccinations, you can imagine that it’s a huge family law issue that will lead to a court battle. That’s why lawyers are preparing for such battles. Many have already dealt with other COVID-related issues, such as disagreements over schooling and indoor dining. Some have dealt with disagreements over vaccines in general.

Why do parents disagree over vaccines? It has to do with beliefs and a lack of trust. It’s hard for parents to change their minds on vaccines, which is why many of these disagreements have to go to court and be settled by a judge. This is difficult for judges, who generally do not want to make decisions about raising children. But they must make the final decision based on the child’s best interests and which parent should have the final say in the matter.

Which parent has the decision-making authority? While it’s possible that only one parent may have legal custody, in most cases, both parents do.Ideally, parents would come to a compromise on these types of matters, but that does not always happen. Therefore, the courts are left to decide, and in some cases, parents may ask judges to revise divorce agreements.

However, going through court is no easy matter. There are hearings and motions to contend with up until the case reaches litigation. Then there may be appeals to higher courts. This all costs money, and the more money that goes toward lawyers and courts, the less money there is for raising the children.

It would be nice if all parents could agree to get their child vaccinated for COVID, but there is a lot of hesitancy. In a poll of 9,0000 parents, less than half—43%—would let their child get the vaccine. Twenty-nine percent would not let their children get the vaccine, while 27% were unsure.

In another poll, only 29% of parents would let their child get the COVID vaccine, while 19% said no way. Thirty-two percent opted to wait and see, while 15% would only do it if it was required by the school.

Seek Help for Your Case

Many divorced parents disagree on various topics affecting their children. Vaccinations are just one of them.

The fight over whether or not to vaccinate a child against COVID-19 can lead to a lengthy legal battle. For help with post-divorce parenting issues, contact the Dade City & Zephyrhills family law attorneys at Madonna Law Group. Fill out the online form or call (800) 557-0411 to schedule a consultation.





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