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Zoom Makes Divorce Easier


When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, life changed. Many schools transitioned to distance learning. Teachers taught classes via the Zoom app, which is a video platform that can be used for meetings, webinars, and online events. It can even be used for work and legal purposes, as many family law attorneys can attest.

With courts shut down for most of last year, life goes on. People were still getting divorced, so a lot of this process was done online. And many in the field agree that Zoom has made things easier. The main advantage is that there’s no need for everyone to be in the same room. People can meet from all over the city, state, or even country.

Judges see Zoom as a great benefit for their staff, lawyers, and the public. Even those who struggle with technology are able to do many things quickly via the remote access that Zoom offers. Because of this, it’s possible that the legal field will continue to use Zoom even after the pandemic ends.

Benefits of Zoom Divorces

Zoom has been especially beneficial for divorces. In the past, couples would have to go down to court to finalize their divorces—even those that were uncontested. To finalize a divorce in the past, both parties would have to come to court and answer a series of questions. It was a waste of time for all involved, especially since there is often a lot of waiting involved. Zoom has made the process much easier. Nowadays, the parties don’t have to show up to court and formalize the divorce. It’s all done remotely.

Zoom also makes it easier to process emotions. There’s no longer a need to come to court and battle out a divorce in front of a judge. This can cause people to emotionally break down and even regret their divorce. Zoom changes this. Its technology allows couples to finalize a divorce in just a blink of an eye. This makes the app seem cold and technical to some, but for those ending their marriage, not having to go to court and get all emotional is a godsend. Instead, those going through a divorce can stay home and get through the process much easier.

Zoom divorces also save time, which ultimately saves money. There’s no need to commute to the courthouse and wait around. This is especially helpful for those with jobs and kids. Everything is done remotely. You just log in and meet with your team virtually, which makes the process go along more smoothly.

Seek Help for Your Divorce

The divorce process is changing. The remote process is making things easier for couples wanting to divorce without all the stress and emotions. We can thank the COVID pandemic for the Zoom process.

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