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Monthly Archives: July 2023


2 Teens Injured In High-Speed Crash

By Madonna Law Group |

Sports cars are made to go fast. Still, some drivers take these machines to their limits, pushing their vehicle to triple-digit speeds, causing loss of control. In many cases, drivers collide with buildings, guardrails, and other solid, sturdy objects, causing serious damage, catastrophic injuries, and even death. Two teens were recently injured when a… Read More »


Dealing With An Irresponsible Spouse

By Madonna Law Group |

Relationships are hard. They require give and take, and sometimes people feel as though they are doing most of the giving, while their spouse is doing almost all of the taking. This often applies to household chores, work, and just life in general. A spouse may be selfish, thinking only about their wants and… Read More »


29 Arrested In Easter DUI Crackdown

By Madonna Law Group |

Alcohol and holidays seem to go well together. People like to get together with loved ones and celebrate with beer, wine, and other spirits. While this is legal, it’s not legal to get behind the wheel of a vehicle afterward and drive. Intoxicated driving is never safe. Even a few beers or glasses of… Read More »


Changes In Death Penalty Legislation

By Madonna Law Group |

When states seek the death penalty for a person, it is often because the person engaged in murder or some other violent crime. But what about sexual battery — cases in which a victim is not killed? Should it be allowed? Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis seems to think so. He signed a bill… Read More »

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