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Teen Killed in Bradenton Motorcycle Crash


When a car and a motorcycle collide, the outcome is typically in favor of the car. Motorcycles are much smaller than passenger vehicles and are therefore more prone to damage, while the riders are highly susceptible to catastrophic injuries and even death.

Sadly, a recent motorcycle crash in Bradenton resulted in fatality. A 17-year-old was killed in the crash, which occurred on the afternoon of February 4 at 63rd Avenue West and Hawaiian Drive in Bradenton.

A 75-year-old woman from Arizona was driving a Nissan Versa sedan on Hawaiian Drive, near  the Hawaiian Village mobile home park. She attempted to turn left onto 63rd Avenue West, but turned in front of an approaching motorcycle. The rider, a 17-year-old boy from Bradenton, slowed down, but could not avoid hitting the Nissan.

The teen was wearing a helmet, but he died at the accident scene. The woman driving the Nissan was not injured.

Teens Driving Motorcycles

Seeing a teen driving a vehicle at age 16 can be scary, but a 17-year-old riding a motorcycle can seem even scarier. Motorcycles are small but dangerous vehicles. While they can be fun to ride, they come with a lot of risks.

In Florida, a person can legally ride a motorcycle when they are 16 years old. They must apply for and get approved for a motorcycle-only license. They are eligible for this special license once they have had a learner’s permit for a minimum of one year with no traffic violations. They must also have not been convicted of any crimes.

Once they are eligible to get a motorcycle license, they must pass the motor vehicle license test, also known as the class E test in Florida. This is so they are aware of the rules of the road and traffic signals, since motorcyclists will be traveling on the same roads as other motorists.

They must also take a basic rider course, which is a driver’s education for motorcycle riders. This is a 15-hour course that helps riders learn the skills necessary to ride on the road with other vehicles. New riders will learn to ride in a straight line, turn, stop, swerve and corner properly.

Riding on two wheels is much different than riding a car with four wheels, so motorcyclists will need a lot of practice at first. Parking lots and residential areas that require a lot of starting and stopping are great places to learn the ropes. Teens should avoid freeways and busy areas when they are first learning to ride.

Seek Help for Your Motorcycle Accident Case

It’s always sad when someone is killed in a motorcycle crash, especially when the victim is a teen. While the teen was wearing a helmet in this case, it unfortunately was not enough to protect him.

If you or a loved one was injured or killed in a motorcycle crash, seek legal help from the Dade City & Zephyrhills motorcycle accident lawyers at Madonna Law Group. We know recovering compensation can be challenging, but our lawyers can help. To schedule a consultation today, fill out the online form or call (800) 557-0411.





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