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Author Archives: Jay Butchko


Florida Woman Dies From Plastic Surgery

By Madonna Law Group |

We expect that our doctors will always look out for us and ensure we are getting the best medical care possible. However, they sometimes make mistakes like the rest of us. But when they make medical errors, they can be deadly. Many people think of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures as safe, but a… Read More »


Medical Malpractice Lawsuits And Their Difficulties

By Madonna Law Group |

It may be hard to believe, but doctors do make mistakes from time to time. They are under a lot of pressure to make quick diagnoses of medical conditions and sometimes they are wrong. Some  mistakes can be minor and not affect a patient. Then there are those that are major and cause long-term… Read More »


1 Killed After SUV Crashes Into Fireworks Shop

By Madonna Law Group |

Drivers can be crazy. They crash into buildings due to pedal error, distracted driving, chain reaction crashes, and other incidents. A recent collision involving a fireworks shop in Melbourne led to a literally explosive outcome.  A man was killed after his SUV crashed into the store. The fatal accident occurred on the afternoon of… Read More »


How To Avoid A DUI During The Holidays

By Madonna Law Group |

Drunk driving is a problem every day of the year, but DUIs tend to increase over the holidays. People celebrate Christmas and New Year’s with alcohol, and then try to drive home. While some make it home OK, others cause serious accidents or get pulled over by police for reckless driving. Drunk driving is… Read More »


Motorcyclist Dead After Being Involved In 2 Crashes

By Madonna Law Group |

Motorcycle crashes are all different. Some people survive them. Then there are those who survive an accident, only to be killed moments later in a second crash. Two back-to-back crashes in Florida have left a motorcyclist dead and a Good Samaritan injured. The accidents occurred on the evening of October 1 in Leesburg. A… Read More »


Car Hydroplanes, Kills 2 In Crash

By Madonna Law Group |

Hurricane Ian wreaked havoc on Florida. More than 30 people have been confirmed dead. Hundreds of thousands have lost power. The damage has been unbelievable. Many residents are still trying to evacuate or get supplies. This has led to unsafe driving, with flood water from Hurricane Ian contributing to one recent crash in Putnam… Read More »


Massage Therapist Arrested For Sexual Battery

By Madonna Law Group |

Many people enjoy regular massages, as they are often seen as relaxing experiences. However, it can quickly turn into a tense situation when a client feels as though they are being touched inappropriately. This is what recently happened in Winter Park. A 21-year-old massage therapist was arrested on October 5, nearly a month after… Read More »


Woman Killed In Crash After Driver Falls Asleep

By Madonna Law Group |

Fatigue is a serious issue when behind the wheel of a vehicle. Many people don’t take it seriously, but it is said to be almost as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. Indeed, falling asleep behind the wheel has led to fatality. Sadly, this was recently the case in Florida. A woman was killed when… Read More »


Reconciliation After Filing For Divorce

By Madonna Law Group |

A divorce is a life-changing event. It’s not something you want to take lightly. If you think you might want one, you better think long and hard about it. Many people regret getting divorced. They often think the grass is greener on the other side, but it’s really not. Once a person sees what’s… Read More »


5 Killed In Wrong-Way Crash

By Madonna Law Group |

Drivers can avoid accidents on the roadways in many ways. One important thing drivers can do is travel in the right direction. When a vehicle is going the wrong way, it can collide head-on with another vehicle, causing a fatal crash. Sadly, this recently happened in Miami-Dade County. A man driving in the wrong… Read More »

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