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Author Archives: Jay Butchko


Here’s To Bob Dillinger And His 40-Year Legal Career

By Madonna Law Group |

In this blog, we celebrate the career of Bob Dillinger, who served as the chief public defender for the Pinellas-Pasco judicial circuit. Dillinger retired at the end of 2020. He was elected public defender for the first time in 1996 and served five terms in total. He spent his 40-year legal career defending those… Read More »


Motorcyclist Killed In High-Speed Crash

By Madonna Law Group |

Many people like to ride their motorcycles at one speed: super fast. This may seem like fun and it’s definitely an adrenaline rush, but it’s also a dangerous practice. Unfortunately, a motorcycle rider in Florida found this out the hard way. The man was killed after colliding with another vehicle at a high rate… Read More »


1 Killed In Tractor-Trailer Crash

By Madonna Law Group |

Semi trucks and tractor-trailers are huge vehicles that can cause serious damages. In fact, a collision with such a truck can cause fatality. A 63-year-old man was killed after colliding with a semi truck in Pasco County. The fatal accident occurred on the morning of January 19 on US-301. A tractor-trailer, driven by a… Read More »


Common Issues In Subsequent Marriages

By Madonna Law Group |

When you get married the first time around, you have a 50/50 chance of making it. For second marriages, the divorce rate is 67%. For third marriages, that rate increases to 73%. If you’re hoping to beat the odds, you need more than a little luck on your side. You need a little knowledge… Read More »


Woman Killed In Truck Accident

By Madonna Law Group |

Florida sees its share of semi trucks. These large vehicles can weigh tens of thousands of pounds and be deadly in a crash. Sadly, this was recently the case for an elderly woman who was killed in a car-truck crash in Zephyrhills. The fatal accident occurred on the morning of February 16 on US-301…. Read More »


What To Know About Police Misconduct

By Madonna Law Group |

Police officers often think they are above the law. They can do what they want without repercussions. Because of this, police misconduct is common and Florida residents need to be aware of this if they are ever arrested. Police officers often share what is known as a “blue code of silence.” This means they… Read More »


Former FWC Officer Wrongfully Accused Of Child Porn Crimes

By Madonna Law Group |

Sometimes law enforcement departments get it wrong. They accuse people of crimes they did not do. This is a serious situation. It’s not as easy as blaming someone for something and then apologizing. Being wrongfully accused of a crime can cause a person to suffer damage to their reputation. They may lose the trust… Read More »


Tips For A Peaceful Divorce

By Madonna Law Group |

Not all marriages last forever. Many end in divorce, which can be a scary situation. A lot of people enjoy drama, so they might fight with their spouse and drag out the divorce for as long as possible. Then there are those who avoid confrontation at all costs. They don’t want any conflict. They… Read More »


Motorcyclist Killed In Dade City Crash

By Madonna Law Group |

All drivers need to follow the rules of the road. Not following laws, signs, and signals, such as failing to yield, can have serious repercussions. It can even lead to fatality. This is what recently happened in Dade City. A motorcyclist was killed when the driver of a pickup truck failed to yield. The… Read More »


Man Arrested For Sexual Battery Of Teen

By Madonna Law Group |

Sexual battery is a serious crime. It’s not taken lightly in Florida, especially if the victim is a minor. A Florida man was recently arrested for sexual battery of a 17-year-old girl. The man was arrested in Miami-Dade on November 1 after sexually assaulting the victim on two separate occasions. On September 10, the… Read More »

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