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Category Archives: Auto Accidents


Teen Seriously Injured After Hit And Run Accident

By Madonna Law Group |

Many kids and teens ride their bikes on warm Florida days. While riding bikes can be a fun activity, it can also be a dangerous one, especially when motor vehicles are involved. A 13-year-old girl is currently in critical condition after she was run over while riding her bike. The driver then fled the… Read More »


1 Killed In Multi-Vehicle Crash In Deltona

By Madonna Law Group |

A car, semi truck, a truck pulling a boat trailer, and a motorcycle all collide on a busy interstate. One person was killed. Which driver do you think it was? This may sound like a riddle, but it’s not. Unfortunately, crashes like these are becoming common occurrences in Florida. It’s a real-life accident that… Read More »


2 Killed In Florida Wrong-Way Crash

By Madonna Law Group |

Unfortunately, wrong-way crashes seem to be on the rise in Florida and other parts of the country. Why are people driving in the wrong direction? There are many factors that could be in play, such as alcohol and drug use, confusion, poor signage, and vision problems. A recent wrong-way crash in Florida killed two… Read More »


1 Killed, 6 Injured After Car Crashes Into Restaurant

By Madonna Law Group |

Imagine having a meal outside a restaurant when an out of control vehicle suddenly crashes into you. This may seem like a scene from a movie, but it recently happened in Miami. One person was killed and six others were injured in the accident. The fatal crash happened on the evening of February 17… Read More »


Teen Charged In 150 MPH Crash That Killed 6

By Madonna Law Group |

Many people like to speed in their sports cars. While going a few miles above the speed limit isn’t so bad, going 3-4 times the speed limit is dangerous and even deadly. This was the case earlier this year in Florida when a teen slammed into a vehicle going at a speed of 151… Read More »


1 Killed In Fiery Crash With Tree

By Madonna Law Group |

Car accidents can happen in many ways. Many often occur when vehicles go off the road for some reason, colliding with trees and other objects. Sadly, these crashes are often deadly. This was the case when a driver hit a tree in Florida. The fatal accident occurred on the afternoon of March 2 at… Read More »


What To Know About Rear-End Crashes

By Madonna Law Group |

Florida sees a lot of traffic. With so many vehicles on the road at one time, car accidents are likely to occur. One common type of crash is a rear-end accident. Rear-end accidents are one of the most common types of crash on the roadway. They occur when a vehicle hits the car in… Read More »


Pedestrian Killed In Hit And Run Crash

By Madonna Law Group |

There are lots of pedestrians in Miami, as there are many attractions in the area. Tourists and residents alike flock to the popular Florida city. And while walking from place to place can be healthier and more convenient at times, it can also be dangerous. A pedestrian crash recently led to fatality. The fatal… Read More »


1 Killed In Lehigh Acres Crash

By Madonna Law Group |

A combination of factors on the roadways can lead to deadly conditions. This was recently the case in Florida, when a man was killed and several others were injured in a two-vehicle crash. The fatal accident occurred on the morning of October 14 in Lehigh Acres at Williams Avenue and West 9th Street. A… Read More »


3 Killed After Vehicle Flees Police, Crashes

By Madonna Law Group |

Driving requires following the rules of the road. When a motorist fails to do so and engages in dangerous behaviors, such as not stopping for police, it can unfortunately lead to tragic car accidents. Sadly, this was recently the case in Florida. Three people were killed when a driver fled police and crashed into… Read More »

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