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1 Killed, 1 Injured In Pedestrian Accident

By Madonna Law Group |

Ideally, cars and people would peacefully coexist on roadways, but that does not always happen. Anytime a person goes out onto a roadway, they risk a pedestrian accident. This is especially true in areas where drivers are not typically looking for pedestrians. This recently happened in Pasco County. A woman was killed and her… Read More »


Florida Family Awarded $20 Million In Medical Malpractice Case

By Madonna Law Group |

When a person goes to an emergency room for an acute medical condition, it’s expected that they will get appropriate treatment and recover. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. If a doctor is negligent, a patient can suffer a wide range of injuries and even death. This was the case for a Florida… Read More »


Girl Hit By Pickup Truck In Dade City

By Madonna Law Group |

When motorists are on the highway, they’re not typically looking for pedestrians. They are focusing on the actions of the vehicles in front of them. So when a child suddenly darts out in the middle of a road where vehicles are traveling at high speeds, the results can be catastrophic. A young girl was… Read More »


Considering A Personal Injury Case? Here’s What You’re Getting Into

By Madonna Law Group |

If you have been injured by someone else’s negligence, you’re likely dealing with various losses. You may have property damage, such as from a car accident. You may be dealing with medical bills from injuries. You may have suffered from lost wages due to taking time off work. To recover compensation for your damages,… Read More »


Florida To Receive Money To Prevent Fatal Car Accidents

By Madonna Law Group |

Of all 50 states, Florida ranks #3 for having the most fatal car accidents. The Sunshine State is behind California and Texas, with 3,489 people dying in car crashes in 2022. This has become a major issue and federal agencies are stepping in to help remedy the situation. The federal government, through the  Safe… Read More »


Using Technology To Deal With Common Child Custody Issues

By Madonna Law Group |

One of the most contentious issues in a divorce is child custody. Couples divorce for a reason, and while parents still need to co-parent after a marriage ends, it can be difficult for them to do so. Need to keep track of schedules or share expenses? There’s an app for that. Technology can help… Read More »


Child Killed During Motocross Practice In Dade City

By Madonna Law Group |

Motocross is a sport in which riders start young. Many parents put their kids on motorcycles as soon as they can walk. They may start racing when they are 4-5 years old. Of course, motorcycles are dangerous. Ask anyone who has been injured by one. Ask any person who has lost a loved one… Read More »


2 Killed In 2 Separate Accidents On State Route 54

By Madonna Law Group |

Sometimes accidents can happen in the same area on the same day. Sometimes the road might be at fault, but in a lot of cases, the cause is driver error. Two people were recently killed in two separate crashes on the same road in Florida. The fatal accidents occurred on the evening of June… Read More »


Falling Cargo Causes Accident On I-75

By Madonna Law Group |

When driving, you need to be wary of the vehicles in front of you, especially if they are carrying heavy materials such as wood. This cargo can suddenly fall off the truck without warning, spilling onto the road and hitting vehicles. This happened on Interstate 75 in Pasco County on the morning of May… Read More »


Firefighter Arrested For Attempted Sexual Battery

By Madonna Law Group |

First responders such as firefighters are known for helping people, but sometimes they get in trouble with the law. This was recently the case with a fireman from Florida, who allegedly tried to sexually assault a female firefighter. The incident occurred when the 49-year-old fireman climbed on top of his female coworker and tried… Read More »

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